Welcome to the Love From Ruby shop!

My name is Christie, and my daughter Ruby was born with a congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot in June of 2013 that required open heart surgery to “fix” her heart.  It forever changed who I am, along with my whole family.  If you want the full story on Ruby’s heart, click HERE. To find ALL posts written about her heart journey, click on the tab called Ruby’s Heart on the menu, or just click HERE. It is more in depth and explains more than the condensed post.

During Ruby’s surgery, we were met with an outpouring of love from so many people. Family, friends, and many total strangers.  The love and support shown to us ranged from prayers said in her and our behalf, gifts sent, money donated, instagram comments, emails, and comments on my craft blog letting us know they were thinking of us.

Some sweet friends of mine created a support system that day by using the hashtag #loveforruby

As messages of love and support flooded our inbox and instagram feeds, I was overcome with amazement. We were so incredibly touched by the kindness we were given.  It was truly a blessing during such a trying time.

On the one year anniversary date of Ruby’s surgery, my family brought gifts to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Primary Children’s Hospital in Utah.  It was such a great experience for us–one that I would like to continue.  I had made a last minute plea for baby legs and was so impressed by how readily people were to help me donate gifts.  After my post I had a few people ask me to let them know when I was doing this next so that they could also help and donate.  I kept having recurrent thoughts about starting a blog where people could come and buy affordable heart products, find free heart journey related prints and other items, along with a place to donate things they’ve made or bought to give to these heart families.  I didn’t want it to be just once a year (though that date will still remain a delivery date for gifts).

And so, Love FROM Ruby was born.  Inspired of course by the love shown to us by so many…love for Ruby. And for my whole family.

What we are doing here is just trying to bring some type of comfort.  Comfort to families who would rather be anywhere than in the hospital with their struggling Heart Warriors.  Comfort for the siblings who have parents absent because of these long hospital stays.  Comfort for those parents and siblings who would rather do anything than visit the grave of their sweet Angel baby.  We know well that we cannot heal broken hearts.   But any good that comes from our efforts will be time and effort spent well.

Through the sale of these shirts, you are helping make a difference in the lives of those who are struggling. Thank you!